Course curriculum

    1. Template

    2. Workspaces

    3. Indicators

    4. Smart Wave Tool

    5. Smart Waves Trading Strategy Guide

    1. History of the Elliott Wave Theory

    2. Wave Characteristics

    3. Technical Analysis of Elliott Wave

    4. Using the Smart Wave Tool

    5. Smart Wave Strategies

    6. Equity Management

    1. What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

    2. What VPS hosts are recommended?

    3. Downloading VPS and MT4 Setup on VPS

    4. What is MetaTrader 4 (MT4)?

    5. Navigating MT4 Platform

    6. What is an Expert Advisor (EA) and What are the different types of EAs

    7. Downloading and Installing Expert Advisor in MT4

    8. EA Activation - Batch File

    9. Backtesting Expert Advisor on MT4

    10. Running an EA on MT4

    11. What is a Smartscript and what are the different types of Smartscripts

    12. How do I find and run Smartscripts

    1. MT4 vs Smart Trader FAQs

    2. Adjusting Affinity for VPS and System Performance

    3. Best Practices and Troubleshooting Expert Advisors

    1. Live Instruction

    2. Live Class Archive

    1. Auto Trading Systems Welcome Package

    2. Expert Advisor Batch File Process

    3. MyFXBook

    4. Welcome Package Files

    5. Smart Waves Projected Percentage Growth Plan

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